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how to cure burnt tongue - how to deal with a burning tongue quickly

when we eat a food in a hurry, sometimes we forget that the food is still hot. As a result, instead of enjoying food, you actually feel the sensation of your tongue burning (burnt tongue). What should be done to overcome the burning tongue after eating or drinking something that is too hot?

How do you fix a burnt mouth?

What is meant by a burning tongue?
how to cure burnt tongue

Tongue burning occurs when you are not careful knowing the temperature of the food or liquid you will put in your mouth. the severity of burning tongue turns out to have a variety of:

At the first level, you may feel pain on your tongue, so that your tongue may look red and swollen.

In the second level, the pain you feel may be more than that felt in the first degree, because if you reach this phase, the part of the tongue that is exposed to heat is no longer just the outer part, but includes the layer below that part. At this level the tongue will also look red and swollen, accompanied by a lump filled with fluid.

In the third level, the heat turns out to be able to reach deeper tongue tissue. No longer reddened, the tongue can even turn like blackness on a burning skin. At this level, your tongue may be prone to numbness.

How to deal with a burning tongue quickly

Tongue burning until it can reach the second and third levels that are not immediately handled will certainly be able to reduce the ability of your tongue to taste, although this effect is only a temporary effect, because generally the taste organ on your tongue will regenerate itself every two weeks.

What can you eat when you burn your tongue

Here are some actions you can take to overcome a burning tongue:
  • use something cool.
A piece of ice cube or ice wax that you put on your burning tongue, or a glass of cold white water may be able to overcome your burning tongue and even reduce the effect of the burning sensation that you feel.
  • Something overlaid.

After an effort to reduce the sensation of burning, it might coat your tongue with something soothing. Milk and yogurt have the ability to coat it.

How does sugar help a burnt tongue? Does honey help burnt tongue?  Some other ingredients in your home that have the ability to calm you can also try, like a spoonful of sugar and honey that is sprinkled on the surface of your burning tongue.
  • Food Selection.
The burning sensation of your tongue has begun to decrease, but has not fully recovered. It's good if you still avoid some foods that might actually be able to aggravate the condition such as foods that are too spicy or too acidic, because some of these flavors can worsen the damage to the skin.

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