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How can I relieve back pain during pregnancy?

How can I sleep with lower back pain while pregnant?

 Is lower back pain normal in pregnancy? back pain during pregnancy is a common thing experienced by mothers, hormonal changes and physical changes that take place during pregnancy can cause pain in the back.
What does pregnancy back pain feel like?How much back pain is normal during pregnancy?The discomfort usually occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy.
Pain can occur when bending forward, lifting weights, getting out of bed, or standing from a sitting position

back pain when pregnant

To reduce the pain, pregnant women are advised to improve posture in a more upright position. Bent and leaning position, will make the hip joint 'lock' which causes pain.

Is back pain sign of miscarriage?

 Causes of Back Pain When Pregnant
There are several causes of back pain during pregnancy, namely:

1. Hormonal changes

Bones and joints are connected by connective tissue called ligaments. When pregnant, the body produces relaxin hormone which allows the ligaments to relax and make the joints loose. The goal is to prepare the body for labor.

The ligaments and muscles that support the spine are also affected by these hormones. As a result, the ligaments and muscles around the pelvis become loose, causing pain in the back.
2. Weight gain

Healthy pregnant women will gain weight. The spine in charge of sustaining the body will be burdened with this weight gain. This causes pain in the pelvis and back, especially the lower back.
3. Baby growth

The more the age of the womb, the size of the fetus is getting bigger, so is the uterus. The growth of the fetus and uterus will compress blood vessels and nerves in the pelvic area and back, so that this part feels painful.
4. Changes in body posture

Pregnancy can shift the center of gravity or the center of gravity of the body, so that posture, how to walk, how to sit, and sleeping position changes. In addition, wrong posture, standing too long, sleeping on your back, and bending down to pick up objects can also worsen back pain.
5. Stress

Stress during pregnancy, both physical and emotional stress, can cause muscle tension in the back. Plus the effects of relaxin hormone which relaxes the joints and ligaments. When stress increases, it is very possible your back will feel more pain.
6. Rarely exercise

A study revealed that pregnant women who rarely exercise are more at risk for back pain. This is thought to be because they rarely exercise can make the muscles and joints in the pelvis or back become weaker

What can I do to relieve back pain while pregnant?  How to deal with back pain during pregnancy?
How can I relieve back pain during pregnancy?

To relieve discomfort due to back pain during pregnancy, do the following:

1. Back compresses

Give back compresses with a towel filled with ice cubes. Cold compresses can be given for 20 minutes and repeated several times a day.

After three days, replace with warm compresses. The trick is to attach a bottle of warm water to your back. When bathing in warm water, pregnant women can try adding Epsom salt or essential oils. This method might help reduce pain.

2. Massage

Try massaging the lower back and the entire back. Ask a therapist or partner to give a gentle massage. This massage can relieve muscle fatigue and aches.

3. Improve body posture

Try not to turn around, or bend when sitting or standing. Pregnant women are also advised not to linger in one position. Stand or sit up straight and stretch your back regularly to avoid pain.

Back pain during pregnancy can also be relieved by sleeping sideways by placing a pillow between the knees, on the back, and under the stomach. The use of abdominal braces or corsets for pregnant women can also help reduce back pain during pregnancy.

4. Acupuncture

This alternative medicine might help relieve pain. When deciding to do acupuncture, be sure to choose trained and experienced practitioners.

5. Sports

Regular exercise can strengthen and increase flexibility and muscle strength, and reduce pressure on the spine. Sports that are safe to do during pregnancy are pilates, prenatal yoga, walking, Kegel exercises, and swimming

6. Chiropractic

Chiropractic therapy in the spine is safe to do during pregnancy. However, it is advisable to consult with an obstetrician before undergoing chiropratic therapy, and choose a place where chiropractic practice is trusted and has a valid practice license

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